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Procedure description

A laminotomy is a surgical procedure where a small portion of the lamina is removed from the vertebral body so that decompression may be achieved. A laminotomy is typically performed in conjunction with other decompressive procedures such as a foraminotomy and diskectomy.

With a laminotomy procedure the goal is to achieve maximum decompression with as little surgery as possible. At Spine Care For You that is always our goal. Some spinal conditions result in the lamina impinging upon the exiting nerve roots of the foramen or the spinal cord itself. When this happens, symptoms arise and they can present in a variety of ways such as: burning sensations, numbness and tingling, weakness, atrophy, shooting or stabbing pain.

When to Consider

A laminotomy is a surgical procedure and as such should always be considered as a last resort. Patients should be encouraged to exhaust all measures of conservative treatment before surgery should be considered. If symptoms persist or worsen during the course of conservative treatment, a laminotomy can be considered in conjunction with other decompressive procedures.

Lamintomy is a minimally invasive procedure that serves the purpose to help patients avoid the more conventional open back types of procedures. If you have exhausted conservative care and are in need of relief – Please reach out to our patient concierge team to discuss your options for relief

What to expect in surgery

Most laminotomy procedures will be performed through outpatient minimally invasive approaches. We proudly offer at Tampa Spine Institute. When patients arrive at the facility for a laminotomy procedure there is typically a short amount of time spent in the immediate pre-op unit. A laminotomy with associated decompressive procedures will typically take 60-90 minutes in the operating room. Following surgery patients will often spend a short amount of time in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). Patients are then discharged and can leave the facility for the day.

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