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Radio-frequency Ablation

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Procedure description

Radio-frequency ablation is a procedure that aims to address pain that is being caused by the sensory nerves of the facet joints. RFA’s are a minimally invasive procedure that have been used to treat arthritis of the spine for quite some time. It is important to understand that with this procedure results will vary. These sensory nerves do grow back and so the length of time that a patient will experience relief will be different from case to case. During the procedure the provider will use fluoroscopic guidance (X-Ray) to position an electrode which will deliver a radiofrequency heat current to the site of the inflamed sensory nerve and thereby will create a lesion that can disrupt pain-generating signals. The entire procedure generally takes about 15-45 minutes depending on the extent of the levels involved and patients are typically up and walking quickly after the procedure.

When to Consider

Only your physician can determine whether you might be a candidate for a radio-frequency ablation. Most commonly a patient will have facet injections done either for therapeutic relief or for confirmation testing that will determine whether or not a radiofrequency ablation should be considered. If you have ever been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine, facet disease, or facet hypertrophy – you may be considered for a radiofrequency ablation.

What to expect in surgery

With a minimally invasive approach and because very little is being done to the structural anatomy of the spine with radiofrequency ablation most patients can return to normal daily activities within days following the procedure. As with any procedure it is important to follow the post-operative instructions and guidelines to ensure the outcome from the procedure is long lasting pain relief.

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